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Alchemist's Log - Date: April 15th/2023

The interesting thing about writing is that it often comes in fits and starts. I'll get a couple good hours in here and there, followed by several hours that are a total slog.

This week has definitely been more of a slog than not, and were it not for the amazing help of my dear friend Anne, things wouldn't be nearly as far along as they are now.

Because this is the episode where Adam has his first major interaction with the world outside of Balthazar's tower, I need to make sure that I have a solid balance between describing what that world is like, and keeping the story moving forward. Too much description and the story becomes bogged down and slow; to little, and the world ends up feeling flat and lifeless, like they're walking through a blank page.

I know exactly what's happening in the episode, that's not the difficult part. The difficult part is weaving those events into something that is paced well and feels neither rushed nor dragged.

On the topic of description, I also need to make sure that my descriptions of the world and the places they are going and interacting with are VISCERAL. Everything of importance must evoke an emotional response from the listener/reader because it's important that they remember certain things and feel a certain way towards those things. If my descriptions fail to evoke that response, it leads to flat writing/storytelling.

As much as I wish I could say that I'd finished recording the episode this week and that it would be releasing at the end of next week, I am more dedicated to creating a top quality product than sticking to a deadline, and I'm simply not willing to sacrifice in that area, especially considering that the world I'm creating here is my own. I want it to feel rich and alive not just for the listener, but for myself also. A&TA is my mental/emotional escape from the rigors of real life. Were I to say "meh, I guess it's alright" and release it in that state, I would be doing myself and anyone listening a disservice.

The goal is to have the draft finished by the end of next week, but again, we shall see what happens. It may seem like me setting the same goal week after week is redundant, but it's not as if I set the goal and forget about it. I have it in the back of my mind each time I sit down to work, and if I'm constantly comparing that goal against the quality of work that I'm putting out. If the quality isn't there, I let the goal slide. If the quality is there, I stick to the goal.

Wish me luck this week! Until next time, watch out for quicksand.


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