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Alchemist's Log - Date: April 20th/2023


The draft for Episode 5 has been finished, and wouldn't you know it, but I'm going to have to split it into two episodes.

He he, yeah, I know, but honestly, it's absolutely necessary that I do so. Episode 4 was the longest episode thus far, and that one had a draft of 6,000 words. Guess how many words Episode 5's draft has? Over 9,000. So, yeah. If I was to make it into one episode, the thing would probably be a forty minute podcast, and it would take me an eon and a half to get it finished.

If, instead, I break it into two shorter episodes, it means that I won't have to spend as long recording/editing them, and it also gives me a bit of breathing space to get ahead on writing the next episode which, if my estimates are right, will be even longer than this episode is so... yeah.

It's really interesting just how much longer episodes are than I expect them to be. When I set about outlining the season and the episodes in it, I had a very distinct picture of what I wanted to include in each episode. What I clearly didn't understand is just how many words it would take for me to convey those story beats in a way that I was happy with.

Anyway, huzzah! The episode is done, and I can get on with scripting. Stay tuned for more exciting updates! *cough*

You're amazing, and you're enough. Stay awesome.


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