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Alchemist's Log - Date: March 27th/2023

Last week was a crunch, hence why I'm posting this update now and not a few days ago.

I worked full on to try and get episode four finished before the end of last week, but obviously, that didn't happen. Life has a funny way of having things you didn't plan for come up and get in the way. It also doesn't help that in order to do a good job, I find that I have to take regular breaks. If I just power through five hours of editing without taking 5 - 15 minute breaks every forty five minutes, my ears and brain become fatigued, and before you know it, I'm rushing things.

However, despite all the blood, sweat, and tears, episode 4 has now been posted and can be listened to wherever you like to listen to your podcasts! You can find it here:

The next task I have up is to begin writing the draft for episode 5. I've still got some time before I begin my university courses so I'm doing my best to take advantage of that time and get as much done on A&TA as possible, while still making sure to stay on top of other things.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the episode, and I look forward to updating you again next week. Until then, stay out of the sewer! (unless that's your job, in which case, thank you very much for your service.)

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