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Uncovering the Unknown

Updated: Apr 20

I grew up with the Uncharted games. This is my tribute to them.

How I got Into Voice Acting

In a way, it's quite fitting that this is the first ever Audio Blog entry. Uncharted - and by extension, Nolan North - is the reason that I wanted to get into voice acting in the first place. It's not like I hadn't played video games before the Uncharted series, but it was on those games where I finally had the thought "hang on, someone is playing this character".

It wasn't long after that I saw some behind the scenes footage of the cast and crew working on the mo-cap stage, and that was what really sold me and pushed me into "this is going to be my career" territory. Getting to dress up in a stupid suit and play pretend all day? Sign me up.

Many years later, I'm finally getting to lend my voice to characters, commercials, and a whole host of other amazing projects. It's an insane experience that I still haven't totally come to grips with. What I will say is that I'm incredibly blessed, and I think one of the best things I can do is try to spread that joy around a little bit through these audio blogs.

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