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Logans Escape

Updated: Sep 19

Jurassic Park was one of my favorite movies growing up, though that most likely has something to do with my love of dinosaurs.

Interestingly enough, Jurassic Park lore has it that the dinosaurs in the park aren't truly dinosaurs because they've had gaps in their genetics filled with that of frog DNA. In other words, the "dinosaurs" aren't actually true dinosaurs.

I was inspired to put this particular piece together when I saw the trailer for "The Lost Wild", a survival horror game based around dinosaurs. It's quite literally my dream game. I even went so far as to send this to the developers, so if you happen to hear my voice in the game when it releases in a couple of years' time, you know why!

Here's the script so you can compare it to the finished product!

The sound of rain and tires spinning fades in. The sounds are muffled, indicating that we are inside a vehicle.

LOGAN: Oh, no, no no, come on!

Logan sighs, and collapses back into his seat.

Great. Great.

He puts his head in his hands then grabs the radio.

Hello, HQ? The rain is nuts and I, uh… my car’s stuck again. I need someone to come fish me out, over.

The only response is static.

Hello? Can anyone hear me? Over.

Still, nothing.

Huh. Piece of junk. Piece of freaking junk!

Logan throws the radio and it clatters on the dash.

(pause) Okay, I’ll push. Let’s go you stupid freakin-

Logan opens the car door and steps out into the rain.

Holy crap-

It’s falling so hard that he feels as though he’s being pushed into the ground. It’s cold, too. Very cold. Logan's breath quickens.

C’mon, c’mon, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

He hurries to the back of the car and leans into it, pushing.

Why. Don’t. You. Freaking. MOVE? Gah…

Logan steps back and stares at the vehicle in disgust. He crouches down and inspects the tire.

Well, now what? Huh? NOW WHAT?

There’s a sound from off in the distance. It sounds like an animal. Logan freezes.

(shaky breathing) Hello?

A scream.

Uh, nuh, huh *mumbling*

Logan hurries back to the front door and opens it. He slams the door and hits the gas. The tires spin and the jeep sinks deeper.

(Under his breath) S#!t. S#!t, please. Please, c’mon. You can do it you can do it. S#!t!

He pauses.

(Still under his breath) Need something. Need something under the tire.

He grabs a flashlight out of the jeep and runs to the side of the road, fumbling through the underbrush.

C’mon, gimmie something. Just, s#!t. A stick, gimmie a stick.

Another unknown sound, closer this time. Logan pauses, then works faster.

Oh, please please please, yes! Thank you!

Logan grabs the stick and runs back to the vehicle. He shoves the stick under the rear tire.

C’mon, get in there. Get. In. There.

He stops. There’s something in the trees. His breath shaky, he peers into the forest, trying to see, but the rain is falling too hard.

*breathing shakily*

He slowly moves toward the driver's door and slowly gets in and shuts the door. The engine has stopped. He grabs the keys and turns them. The engine turns over, but doesn’t start.

(beginning to cry) What… what the hell? No. No, please, start. Start. Please.

(continues to plead with the car).

The engine turns over again. Nothing.

(crying) I wanna go home. I wanna go home.*sniff*. I wanna go home (repeating)

There’s a thud as the creature nudges the car

(louder) I want to go home! I want to go home!

The creature screams. He stops and looks at it. The radio goes off.


Hello, this is HQ. Where are you, Logan?

There’s a deafening crash as the creature roars and the vehicle flips. Logan screams. The vehicle comes to a rest. Logan fumbles for the radio.


There’s something outside the car. (continuing to talk, panicked)


You need to slow down. What’s happening? Where are you? You’re late!

The creature shrieks again.

Please, HELP ME-

There’s a shattering of glass and a bending of metal as the roof caves in. He screams, but his scream is cut off as he is crushed. We hear the breaking of bone.

The radio keeps trying to make contact and fades out.


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